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Getting Started

The Basics

To get started in the chat-o-sphere of Escargot, you have to follow a few steps to get yourself in the right direction.
This doesn't require anything strenuous, and should take you a few minutes at least.

Sign up

Sign up (main website only) for an Escargot account. It's easy, only requires your e-mail address and a username, and takes less than a minute. With this account, you are entitled to access on all of Escargot.

After you are done with that, follow the next step below.

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Download an Escargot-ready client or manually configure one

See our connection guides for steps on how to connect to Escargot on various platforms.

Our downloads page also offers select clients. The supplied clients on our site come in two flavours: pre-patched and/or unpatched. Pre-patched clients contain the software plus the Escargot Switcher component and a modified version of the client's binaries that loads this component. Unpatched clients are the untouched versions of the clients that require manual patching with the Switcher component or in the application itself for them to connect to our service.

We recommend that users go for the pre-patched options we offer so that they can get connected to our service with no hassle. However, we are planning to offer our own solutions for accessing our service soon for people who just want to get connected without any setup.

Enjoy your stay!

Login and you're all set for your stay at Escargot Land!

Reconnect with old friends and even make new ones, if you want to.

If you want to make new friends, keep reading!

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What's Next?

Well, there are a few options left for you to enhance your Escargot chat experience.

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Meet new people

You can meet new people that use Escargot right now. We have our own Discord server where people can talk about anything Escargot and even get technical support from our team members and users, or just have a casual chat with other members. We also have our own discussion board (main website only).

Read up on the latest Escargot news and updates.

If you want to catch up on news for Escargot then check out our dedicated news section (main website only). Updates will come sporadically, but they'll be worth your while. We also now support RSS feeds (main website only) of these updates so you can check in for anything new from us at any time without going onto the site.

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Start a persistent group

Our new group chats (main website only) feature allows you to start a persistent and private group chat with your friends and whoever else. Just invite them and you're ready to start chatting away. You can also make existing members administrators so they can manage who gets to go in the group chat and be able to change the roles of other members.

Most importantly, remember to have fun!

Hey! Just so you know, you're using the legacy version of our website, meant for old devices and what-not. This is a simple website meant for simple browsing and it's very simplified. Browse our website on a modern device for a better experience -